Rideshare South Americas

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to UberSouth Americas, generally Central America and South America that we cover here. We have all the cities that qualify for Uber. if you want to drive in South America, my friends you’re always welcome to email me, whether you are in Rio, whether you are in Belize, whether you are in Argentina, Buenos Aires, Colombia, wherever you are, Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico.Please, my friends, reach out to me. I’m available 365 days a year for you. I grew up in Europe and South Africa. I was born in the US. I have been all of the South America. I’m an international child. I help everyone. That’s just how I am, so if there’s anything I can show you, how to make more money in this business, email me or text me. If you are thinking of joining, my link is underneath this video and again, 365 days a year. Go to the site, look at the cities, see if it qualifies, and see if you can get a job in that city. If you have your own car, great. I will show you what it takes. You have to upload your insurance documents, your car registration documents, your driver’s license, your banking details directly through the driver app and you are ready to go, in any one of the Central or South American cities, my friends. Drive safe. Gracias.

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